Sales Consulting

Sales consulting must by necessity begin with some degree of analysis. As a business owner or senior manager, you may know your issues and simply need an outside look to help clarify some corrective action steps.

On the other hand, the issues may be more obscure. It that case it is best to start with an in depth interview, followed by a SWOT analysis.

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Common Issues Discovered by Trucon include:

  • Sales Team Quality Issues: Selling Skills, Aggressiveness, Time Management, Wrong Market, or Product Focus
  • Product Offering Too Diffuse
  • Owner Tasked with All the Management and Sales Responsibilities
  • No Vision or Mission Statements Guiding the Sales Team
  • A Sales and Marketing Disconnection
  • Lack of a Viable Digital Marketing Program
  • Weak Website
  • An Accountability Plan is Not in Place
  • Wrong Metrics Driving Sales Team
  • Comp Plan Discourages Long-Term Consistent Growth
  • No Motivation Plan in Place
  • No CRM Utilized

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Trucon’s Sales Analysis Process Explaination

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Gary D. Seale – MBA

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