I’ve hired Gary on numerous occasions to consult and train myself, my direct reports, staff employees and sales people. Many things impressed me about Gary, but most of has been his ability to – communicate trustworthiness and integrity – display and practice a caring attitude for others As Gary and have been collaborators on recent projects, his wisdom, character, competence and insight has been welcomed and refreshing. I’m confident that anyone that hires Gary will find similar results. 

Danny L. Smith – Residential Mortgage Executive

From my first consulting engagement with Gary, he left an indelible impression of integrity and excellence. As a trainer and speaker, he brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to the table that result in actionable ideas. As it were, we hired him on multiple occasions for special projects. I recommend Gary’s work as both a speaker and trainer without reservation, and would welcome the opportunity to work with him again! 

John Bentham – Global Marketing and Communications Executive

I have heard Gary speak on multiple occasions about leadership. He always motivates and inspires with his expertise, great delivery, and gentle sense of humor. In addition, he is just an all around great guy with a heart of gold. I highly recommend him as a motivational and leadership speaker and leader for team development. 

Carrie Vanston – Author and Executive Consultant

Gary is an extremely professional and seasoned public speaker. The 20+ years of being apart of the Toastmasters organization has allowed him to perfect his public speaking skills. I have seen Gary speak at multiple events on a wide range of topics and consistently knocks it out of the park.

Austen Smith – Impact Mortgage Group

Our firm has engaged Trucon to help us in research and prospect engagement in several scenarios. Most recently was in collaboration for a sales operations and market research project for a ZFactor Group client.

Our client was very pleased with the overall results, and we were we. Whether starting from scratch (like we did in that instance) or leveraging their professional calling team for a mature sale, I highly recommend Trucon’s services.

Cindy Goldsberry – Z Factor Managing Partner

On a business level our most successful collaboration involved working together over a 6 year period on regional business development (west-central Mexico) for a Fortune 100 company (ITW). During that time we increased annual sales from low five figures to mid six figures and established our brand as the preferred brand in a highly competitive market place with the highest reputation for performance, durability, quality, technical support and customer service. We also helped establish our distribution partners as the premier electronics production supply distributors in the region. That this market positioning continues to this day for both the brand and the distribution speaks for itself even though our direct involvement ended several years ago.

The key to making this possible was Gary Seale’s ability to develop a business development program which was broken down for each separate operational department (sales, customer service, technical support, vendor relations and accounting) and then communicated clearly and effectively in order to execute it successfully. Having had a successful career which included direct operational involvement in all of these areas Gary Seale is uniquely qualified to provide insight and assistance across a comprehensive operational spectrum.

During the course of this collaboration I found Gary Seale to have a gift for being able to analyze a complex market opportunity and then develop a practical business development plan which, when implemented, resulted in outstanding revenue and profit growth over a sustained period.

I highly recommend Gary Seale’s Business Development services. In fact, when I started my own specialty manufacturing and distribution business I retained Gary Seale’s Business Development services. These services were a great help in launching and growing my own business, which is now a successful multi-million dollar operation.


Roger L. Smith

Principal – Technical Specialties Associates

Guadalajara, Mexico

Personally, Gary is a person of the highest integrity, with an outstanding work ethic, and a complete team player for the organization he works for.  Gary built a bond of trust between us because he fully executed the Regional Manager’s job responsibilities with excellence and diligence.

Gary established Simco’s Electronics Business Unit in the Central United States by setting up a distribution network and managing representative companies.  In conjunction with these activities he made extensive end user calls and completely learned the ionization business.  His outstanding distribution management skills built strong relationships that resulted in a continuous stream of sales revenue over his tenure with the company.

In addition, Gary went the extra mile by learning Spanish and understanding the Latin culture to enhance Simco’s selling efforts in Mexico.  He also successfully executed a special assignment as a Global Account Manager to the hard drive industry by working in both North America and four Asian countries.

Gary showed a strong ability to penetrate new markets for Simco by his work in the semiconductor and hard drive industries.  His skills, perseverance and professionalism paid dividends in millions of dollars worth of increased revenue for the company.  Gary’s  written communication and presentation skills were assets to the company.

Regarding time management, Gary exhibited superior skills in covering the Central United States, Mexico and traveling to Asia to develop the hard drive industry.  By balancing these time demands, he was able to consistently produce revenue growth in excess of 25% over a four years in both the domestic and international markets.

Gary willingness to work diligently and with the highest integrity are two benchmarks that exhibit the qualities he believes in.  I would welcome the opportunity to work with Gary in the future and hire him back into our organization if the opportunity presents itself.                                 


Kenneth L. Gibson

North American Sales ManagerITW Simco

During his time in Austin, he grew Vallen’s Central Texas District’s business from $100,000 annually to over $5,000,000 a year. Gary also earned Platinum Level sales awards (Vallen’s highest individual sales recognition), served on the Executive Board of Directors for the Texas Safety Association and became a regional trainer for negotiation skills in Vallen’s largest sales region.

Gary was also the key individual that allowed Vallen to earn a supply contract with Alcoa Aluminum in Rockdale, Texas that produced over seven million dollars in sales volume during a four year period.

Gary’s leadership skills were most evident in his ability to plan and execute a successful sales plan year after year and recruit highly capable people into his organization. He also pioneered Vallen’s entry into the clean room business by becoming the Product Manager for clean room disposables. Based on my observations and his results, Gary Seale has my highest recommendation as a planner, innovative sales leader and trainer.

Robin R “Butch” Hutton – President

Vallen Corporation – Safety Supply Division

Houston, TX